Be The Change!

the wheels of life and death are spinning in constant motion my black & white heart’s  filled red with #1 love potion my cause and effect theory was alive and not dead indeed the divine direction we’re ured to head to deliver us all God’s men from evil & sin & remind us of Thy … More Be The Change!

Heaven and hell:

Heaven and hell: The extreme of both fates Somewhere in between I ever so patiently wait As your heart slowly enfolds on mine The inevitable begins to seep in there is no way to fight it It’s time for a new journey to begin The wait has felt like an eternity Yet not a moment … More Heaven and hell:

Love is Like….

Love is like a rollercoaster So many ups and downs Love is like lips Smiles and frowns Love is like a dictionary So many meanings inside Love is like an ocean Deep and wide Love is like the sun Shining light into my life Love is like a conflict solved Pure harmony, no strife Love is … More Love is Like….

Heaven on Earth

A place of eternal love, peace and harmony Our Earth is now transforming to be Exuding truth, unity and divine light Our soul’s are ascending like a kite Kindness, compassion and understanding Heaven on earth has begun its final landing We are all truly connected to one another And shall extend love to every sister … More Heaven on Earth

Outward Simplicity for a Complex Mind

Outward Simplicity for a Complex Mind Obsessively compulsive? Or compulsively obsessive? Order, perfection, cleanliness. I yearn for and wish to achieve. Outward simplicity for a complex mind. Too much to ask? Too hard to find? Chaos surrounds me, though I do not go mad. I’m not obsessive compulsive, I just like what I had. Up-ended, scattered, complete … More Outward Simplicity for a Complex Mind

Professions of Love

Softly you whisper sweet nothings in my ear. So easily you make the demons disappear. Tenderly your hands sooth my aching skin. Your unwavering love warms me from within. The firmest of embraces does wonders for my soul. I need you here, without you I can never be whole. Without caution, your words profoundly profess … More Professions of Love